Electrician - Journeyman

Job Description

Master Electrician

Job Title Master Electrician Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Job Description Under general supervision of the Program Manager, the Electrical SME will be required to perform a variety of Electrical Instruction and Advising / Mentoring duties in primary and intermediate level Electrical and Power Generation technical and practical application instruction with the ANAES Facility Engineer (FE) Electrical Instructors. In addition to relying on pre-established instruction, guidelines, and POIs the Electrical SME will also be required to update and modify training schedules and curriculum to advance the ANAES FE Electrical Instructors to a level of independent and self-sustaining readiness.

Job Description Responsible for training and providing instruction on proper installation methods, standards, regulations, and workmanship. Must demonstrate a thorough understanding of NFPA 70 - National Electric Code (NEC), or the British Standard 7671, or other internationally recognized electrical regulations and standards. Must be able to apply technical training standards to new construction, renovations and upgrade existing structures in both Western and Middle Eastern Facilities. Typical job functions include testing, wiring, terminating electrical connections, general installation of circuitry and components, troubleshooting, moving materials and related activities as required.

  • Capable of classifying electrical distribution systems, troubleshooting and identifying circuit faults across a broad range of applications.

  • Possess a strong knowledgeable of AC theory, motors, starters, transformers, residual current devices, and overcurrent protective devices.

  • Understand the safe operation and application of instruments provided for circuit analysis and testing including power analyzers, ground rod resistance meters, ground fault loop impedance testers, residual current device testers, and similar test equipment standard in the trade.

  • Read and interpret blueprints, schematics, instructions, and other technical documentation

  • Plan training activities.

  • Coordinate movement and storage of materials and equipment to training locations and set up practical exercises.

  • Maintain, repair, replace or install a broad range of electrical material and systems in support of school training environment.

  • Maintain tools and equipment, and maintain both to safe standards.

  • Responsible for identifying proper materials, suitable for the use, listed, and as required for specific installations, submitting material requisitions and following up with materials and/or logistics personnel until received.

  • Diagnose, repair, and maintain a variety of equipment which includes: Generators Light Sets, Compressors Ground Storage Units, and Electric switch gear. Requires demonstrated the ability to troubleshoot. Installs specified new or reconditioned parts and/or make required adjustments and reassemble complete units.

  • Execute required preventive maintenance procedures. Performs inspections. Promotes teamwork and actively participates in the quality improvement process. Promotes safety awareness and complies with all applicable safety procedures and regulations.

  • Observe and follow all safety rules and procedures, including wearing required personal safety equipment. Performs other duties and activities as directed.

Basic Job Requirements High school diploma I GED equivalent preferred. A minimum of five (5) years verifiable, directly related work experience, typically as a Master Electrician.

Additional Requirements: Instructor Certification / Licensing Requirements: A valid, current Master Electrician license and/or certificate are preferred.

Must possess a strong command of the English language, and can fully articulate ideas and performance evaluations. Must possess passport book (not passport card) with at least 12 months of remaining validity AND with at least six (6) blank visa/stamp pages remaining

Must possess driver's license with at least six (6) months of remaining validity

Preferred Qualifications Prior Military and/or Contingency Operations experience preferred.

Degree Required No, but a valid Electrical License is required.

Country Afghanistan

Employment may be in potentially dangerous areas, including combat or war zones. This might involve the possibility of suffering harm by dangerous forces or friendly fire. These dangers are inherent to working conditions in a dangerous environment.


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